Bobbi-Jo Meledoro
Independent Pruvit Promoter
Im Bobbi-Jo Meledoro,
I’m so glad you found me here!
This is my story…let’s write yours 🙂
I was introduced to KETO//OS Ketones at 8 weeks postpartum from my 2nd C-section in 17 months. I had a lot of weight to lose, with zero time for exercise. My brain fog was so thick, I couldn’t seem to concentrate or keep up with the smallest of tasks, let alone have the focus or energy to interactively play with my toddler.

I was extremely fatigued, yet still tossing & turning at night. My mood was cyclical, to put it kindly. Mentally, I was always forgetting words and my train of thought. My motivation was non-existent and my world seemed to be crashing and spiralling away from who I used to be.

In my first 1.5 months on KETO//OS Ketones, I lost 16 lbs, 14 inches, and 3% Bodyfat.

But almost instantaneously, my mood shifted towards happier, lighter, more optimistic, I just felt motivated to accomplish more. My energy & focus propelled into somebody else My mental clarity was clearer than ever before, and the newfound energy allowed me to keep up and play with my kids all day long, while accomplishing all of the tasks around the house with ease.

Within just days:

I became a much better version of myself.
I became a better mom to my children.
A better wife in my marriage.

I just didn’t know, what I had become… until I became better.
And I’m only going to get better, from here.

I can’t wait to make the rest of my life,
the best of my life.

Thank-You Ketones.
Thank-You Pruvit.


‘My Why’ will always come back to my family. My kids are my universe. My husband is my rock.

I found this business while still on maternity leave from work, and I feel it couldn’t have been better timing.
While my career is truly fulfilling and rewarding, unfortunately it forced me to leave my family behind for an entire week at a time, several times a month. Which was manageable before kids, but now, just the sheer thought of it brings me to tears every time.

It’s not in my nature to simply sit back and sulk. So instead, I took a leap of faith into this business, and decided to give it my best shot to enable me to stay home with my brand new baby, my toddler and husband. Starting with just a vision and zero experience other than a willingness to learn.

Regardless of the business, I knew without any hesitation that this product was something I absolutely believed in, and I had a compelling urge to share it with everyone. I knew that I had found the answer to help them feel better, and become a better version of themselves. If you are reading this, I sincerely thank-you for being a part of that journey.

If your life has been positively impacted by KETO//OS, then I encourage you to listen to your conscience
and share the ketone conversation. Make an impact on their lives. Improve their health.
Improve their happiness. Improve their longevity. Improve your own feeling of fulfillment.
Even improve your financial impact on your familys’ future.
Take care of them, and take care of yourself.