Before ketones:
I felt always exhausted, always stressed, always drained by 10 am. I felt very lethargic, like I couldn’t accomplish many things in a day. My mind wasn’t working to its potential.
I felt like I could never get enough sleep, and when I did, I never felt rested.

After ketones:
Within a week I noticed I didn’t need to nap twice a day.
I was able to think faster and be more productive for more hours of the day.
My appetite for bad food went away within 2 weeks (I thought that would be impossible)

Within 2 weeks I went from eating 300 grams of carbs/day, down to about 40 carbs day, and had way more energy with 40 carbs per day, than ever before in my life.
Im in the midst of building a new business from scratch, my day starts at 7am and doesn’t end until 12:30 am, and i have energy to sustain that entire time.
When I’m tired, I just feel tired, but I’m no longer EXHAUSTED.
When I sleep at night now, I get a very deep & restful sleep, easily, every time. I havent had to take a single nap since I started ketones.
I was down 10 lbs in a month and 16 lbs in 7 weeks with very little effort on my part.
Ill be drinking these for the long term, because I can’t AFFORD to go back to the old me.
(Edit: photo is flipped-tattoos different)