It makes me cringe to put my nearly naked body on the internet. Gawsh.
But if I can help just one person who may be struggling, then it’s all worth it.

Before Ketones:

My body is always the stubborn one, it never responds to quick gimmicks, or fad diets, or crash ‘anything’.
I’ve spent alot of money in the past on products that did NOT work, but for me, ketones were not one of those!

In the past, I have reached my goals on my own, several times over. I personally love the gym, I love strength training, but when I was introduced to ketones, I was 8 weeks postpartum from my 2nd C-section in 17 months, after giving birth in the middle of the pandemic lockdown. Getting to the gym consistently was no longer realistic to sustain at this time in my life.

Mentally, I was frazzled, struggling with postpartum brain-fog, losing my train-of-thought and constantly felt ‘zoned out’. I was extremely fatigued, there wasn’t a day that went by, that I didn’t HAVE to take a nap.
In common with most postpartum phases, I had alot of weight to lose, with zero time for exercise. I couldn’t keep up with the smallest of tasks, let alone interactively play with my toddler during the day, while feeding my baby all night. Forget trying to find energy to keep my house clean, brush my own hair or SMILE for that matter!

Enter Ketones:

Physically, you can see the difference between these photos, but what you can’t see is sooo much more.
Within days, my inner world instantaneously seemed to shift towards happier, lighter, more optimistic. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there. My body felt better and lighter, and everything just felt easier to accomplish.

Within that first week, I felt I became a better version of myself. I became a better mom to my kids. I became a better wife in my relationship. My energy & focus propelled into someone else (it wasnt me!….or at least it wasnt who I had been), my mental clarity was more vivid than ever before. I even looked forward to actually playing with my toddler all day instead of counting down the minutes to his bedtime.

My sleep was deeper and sounder. I actually tried to nap one day (out of habit) and I legit didn’t even need it…. I literally got back up and started cleaning my house! (Say WHAT!?!)

Within two weeks, my inches lost due to fat loss was unbelievable, as I had been stuck at a plateau, even with doing all of the “right things” with diet/exercise, I wasn’t seeing results. The only change I made between these 2 photos was the addition of 1 packet of ketones per day. My appetite was so suppressed I went from struggling with constant cravings, to not even thinking about food until the evening, that I would have to remind myself to eat dinner!

I had always spent a minimum of 6-9 hours a week in the gym, constantly meal prepping, counting macros, counting calories, weighing my food, taking various expensive supplements, and paying for expensive custom training programs. Each time: struggling to lose just 0.25 lb a week, with an increased appetite and drastically decreased energy due to calorie or carb restriction.

Now with Ketones, I am on my way to reaching my goal in half the time, with a fraction of the effort, and a fraction of the struggle. In a month I’m down 10 lbs, and 11 inches with extremely little effort (while improving body composition & maintaining muscle mass). I love that I don’t have to eat the keto diet, and don’t have to track anything (just be mindful of my food). I can still reach my goals while enjoying my life and the flexibility that ketones offers me. It’s not a magic pill, (though it sounds like it in many ways) it is not my excuse to eat terribly, but it simply supports and rewards good habits.

I didn’t know…. what I didn’t have… until I had better!
And my favourite part: it’s backed by SCIENCE!