Before I had no energy, slept ALL the time, was miserable/didn’t like myself/totally depressed, always had some type of ailment, was overweight and didn’t care. I just didn’t care about participating in anything including life happening all around me. I was so foggy I would forget simple words mid-sentence! My poor family fended for themselves for years. I just accepted that I was an absentee wife and mother. Now, I don’t even recognize that person in the flower dress below. I am alive again. I have tons of energy, my brain fog is gone, and I can focus again. I laugh now more than I think I ever did, lost 20 lbs., and I try to never say NO to any opportunity, event, night out, whatever. I am present in my husband and three boys’ lives again–for that I am eternally grateful. By the way, I drink usually 2 packs ketones a day, follow a lazy carb way of eating, and I try to work out or walk at least 3-4 x week