Started drinking ketones Mar.2017 , was miserable , full blown menopause , no energy, kept gaining weight. My friend Ashley, messaged me and told me about Ketones, and seriously I was super skeptical because I had tried everything. Menopause was such a debilitating thing, my emotions were out of control as well as depression, and I hated how I looked. I hid from photos, and smiles were few and far between. I tried a 5 day Experience, and I knew right away this was something different.
Flash forward ..its been almost 3 years and I drink ketones daily 2x a day and sweet Kreme everyday! My body has changed , my menopause is in check, I do low carb, no sugar and my ketones and kreme.. lost 45 lbs. And have kept it off for all this time And at almost 55 my skin looks better than when I was in my 30s!!