A little over 4 years ago I found out I suffered from high blood sugar levels. My first recorded 3-month average blood sugars was 18.6. I immediately went on a hard-core Keto diet which lasted a little over a year. AT that time my 3-month average blood sugars had dropped to a little under 7.

Throughout the diet though I was always, let me reiterate- ALWAYS hungry.
And at that point began my slide back to almost uncontrolled eating and climbing blood sugar levels. Late April of this year (2020) my 3-month average blood sugar levels were found to be 9.7 which had slowly been creeping up over the few years. My health care provider warned me I was almost at the point of having to start injecting medication.

I learned about Pruvit in early June and began taking it on June 11.
(From April to mid-June I managed to hold my blood sugar level constant but it never dropped). Within a FEW DAYS after starting Pruvit (and integrating lifestyle changes) my morning blood sugar level had dropped from a norm of 8.5-10 down to under 7. Since then it has dropped a little more with it being as low as 5.9 which to me is a miracle.
I informed my health care provider, and she asked for another 3-month average blood sugar level check, which showed it had dropped from the 9.7 in April down to 7.5 on June 25. I am eagerly awaiting my next quarterly test.

In 2 months I am down 15 lbs. I am watching my diet but am not anywhere near the full keto. I could mention a few other benefits but for me the blood sugar level is the most important. Thank you Pruvit!!