My name is Kelly, I just turned 30 years old in January. For the last 3 years I have started to gain weight, feel exhausted everyday. Never having energy to do anything or even the desire to try to have it. I become bloated constantly, trying so many things from diets that I always flaked on, have 5 “cheat days” out of 7 days feeling even worse about myself, I tried detoxes, I tried so many different kinds supplements and pills, etc the list goes on. Nothing changed anything for me. I started feeling discouraged like well this is it for me…30 and fat This is what happens, right? You get older your whole body changes and shuts down on you, you gain weight and do all the things, buy spandex clothing to hide it, change your entire style to work around your chubby belly. Welllll…NOT ANYMORE!!!! I have so much energy, I don’t even feel 30, and I lost 4inches by the 5th day! My bloating is 100% gone, I feel amazing about how I look already and this is just the beginning. I will forever be a pruvit girl! Took away every single stress I put on myself to work out, kill myself with doing all the things, and changing everything about me to make it work for some half the results. Now I wake up, drink my ketones, go about my day living my best life while the ketones work for me getting back to the healthier version of me

Update 3 months later:

I’ve been able to maintain the weight. Keeping it off even on my days of not eating so right